Digital Transformation


There’s so much activity around digitally transforming global businesses to boost operational efficiencies,  deliver better customer experience, increase total addressable markets – it’s a given, right?


Of course it’s a given, as end-consumers we’re all experiencing digital life-styles, immediate access to masses of data, streamed media, bought online products delivered same day.


As corporations, we know digital transformation is here, but for many we’re focusing on technology and data shift.  While they are key transformation drivers, a digital business ecosystem also includes people and processes – and the Digital Transformation Energy Barometer covers that holistic view.


The Digital Transformation Energy Barometer is a simple heads-up on where you are with respect to:


  • Planning – are the goals delivering the capabilities?

  • Scoping – are the capabilities specified correctly?

  • Communicating – does the whole company have a common understanding?

  • Resourcing – have we the right people, right place, right time?

  • Organising – are we duplicating, creating gaps or silos?

  • Engaging – is it business as usual, or digital transformation, or both?


It’s a heads up that shows you how much energy you’re using or losing on your digital transformation

Example Heat Map

This high-level summary Heat-Map shows the status of a Digital Transformation initiative - let's say Master Data Management.

The Scope of the Tech and Information changes are GREEN, while the People engagement/communication are RED/AMBER in different parts of the organisation.  And Process changes are RED, not to plan.

This type of visualisation, combined with dashboard views (such as the next illustration) give a good status across the soft and hard dimensions of change to help you get the most from your change energy.

Another aspect of the Digital Transformation ENERGY BAROMETER output are the dashboards - based on your need, they cover any combination of metrics to measure your status - Communication Efficiency, Scope Accuracy, Adoption Rate, Collaboration Improvement, Resource Availability, plus the usual Time/Cost metrics as needed.


The ENERGY BAROMETER checks the status of the often missed aspects like culture, collaboration and disruptive change, these plus the core metrics like communication, scope of goals, engagement and resourcing are feeds into the barometer.  The output is based around your business cases and shows positive or negative areas of your transformation.


PEOPLE – maybe obvious, but the people give the real feedback, online surveys, short workshops, wash-up sessions, backed with digital “scrapes” to prove metrics – all of these provide the input needed to get a barometer check.  Only 2 – 4 weeks in most cases and your status and actions are visualised.


HEAT MAPS are one output delivered, showing your business ecosystem and the positive/negative areas of change.  It also provides the basic view of  your BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM. Plus dashboards with PERFORMANCE GAUGES of your transformation goals, combined with a SWOT analysis supporting resultant activities.

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