What’s the value of 24 months research and analysis of mapping Business Ecosystems in constant change?

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Priceless! That's our opinion. Since founding Clearvision last year, we’ve had the benefit of working 100% on researching everything we can around business ecosystems and digital enterprise twins.

Collectively as founding members, this amounts to around 24 months effort and while this has been fundamental to us developing our concept and Clearvision ecosystem dynamic mapping service.

The work carried out by the likes of Gartner, Forrester and the leading management consultancies all points towards a changed way of improving our businesses within the growing digital world - by understanding and engaging with our business ecosystems, and using dynamic maps of our enterprise to deliver lean business.

This is why we've been reading and analysing all we can find.

You can benefit from this:

  • get up to date on what business ecosystem mapping & modelling is, who needs it, and why

  • share with exec / board teams quickly, concisely in a couple of hours

  • understand the framework of benefits mapping your ecosystem/enterprise offers your digital business

  • use ecosystem modelling to improve your adoption of digital business

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